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A note from our founder/ceo

I have been fascinated with computers and technology since the dawn of personal computing and the Internet. In junior high school i regularly monopolized my family’s land line so my friends and I could exchange BASIC programs with our 2400 baud modems. This was the height of high tech in 1984. Back then the internet was known to most of us as a place for geeks to post and read bulletin boards.

Obviously, the internet has become something much more complicated than those early days. But that’s ok, because in the end it is still just a way for humanity to interact – something we’ve all been doing our entire lives. I started this company to help facilitate that interaction. Though we are a full service web development company, I don’t consider building websites the primary focus of my business. I believe the most important and often completely neglected part of the process is discovering what the client really needs from a website, and how they can best use their money to get it. I have noticed that many times, a small company with a limited budget chooses a website based only on the price, not realizing that the website they are paying for doesn’t have the features they really need for their business presence on the web. In the end, what seemed like a frugal choice turns into an expensive mistake, because they didn’t have the information necessary at the beginning of the process. It isn’t their fault because they couldn’t know–they are experts at their own business, and shouldn’t have to also be experts in website functionality, design, and execution. That’s where we come in.

The perfect website is the one that fits your business perfectly. That includes budget. And that doesn’t happen without your designer taking the time to understand your business and how you want to run it. That’s why I consider myself a consulting firm. I am here to help you make the best decisions for your business. That means that if I  think it would be better for you to use a free website builder instead of us, i will tell you that. Or if I can’t offer you what we think you need, I will tell you that, too. I want you to think of Cumings Consulting & Web Design as the place to get friendly, helpful, and expert advice about your website decisions.